Tenrikyo Women's Association of America
Women's Association gathering
The goals of the activities carried out by Tenrikyo Women’s Association of America seek to follow the Divine Model of Oyasama and for each individual to become a foundation for the Joyous Life. In recent years, our everyday life has become convenient beyond our dreams. I feel that the women’s place and role have also changed considerably. However, the factor which decides if we can achieve happiness is whether we have the mind to say that “I am happy.” The way our mind relates to the many things that we face in our everyday life will determine our lives in a significant way. The Women’s Association of America seeks to assist in nurturing a use of mind that enables us to live a joyous life at our families and workplace.
Women's Association gathering
Our monthly meeting takes place at the Mission Headquarters, at 2:00 PM on the Saturday before the monthly service (third Sunday of each month). The meetings feature study sessions of the English language to help in missionary work and hinokishin. Also, from August, we are planning a study group led by the Bishop as well as sessions for our younger members aged fifteen to twenty-five. On June 14 of this year, the Women’s Association of America will welcome its sixtieth year anniversary. We are planning a joint convention with the Young Men’s Association of America, with the attendance of the Shinbashira and his wife. We hope to see many people join us.
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