Our Prayers
Our prayers take the form of the Service and the Sazuke.

Service is the singing of the Mikagura-uta songs, accompanied by the nine musical instruments and the hand dance, as taught to us by Oyasama. The Kagura Service is the central prayer service in our faith, and it is performed only at the Jiba. The monthly service partakes in the Kagura Service, and is performed once a month at churches and fellowship all over the world. Morning and evening services are also performed daily, to thank God the Parent for the blessings that we receive and to ask for guidance on the many challenges that we face on a daily basis. We also perform special prayer service as occasion merits, to pray for specific issues in our lives.

Sazuke, on the other hand, is a prayer for healing. Sazuke is administered by a Yoboku, a person who received the Truth of the Grant of Sazuke at the Jiba. A Yoboku administers the Sazuke directly upon the individual who is in need of healing.
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