The Sazuke, the Divine Grant, is the truth of effectiveness bestowed in the cause of single-hearted salvation on those whose minds God the Parent has determined as being sincere. Those who receive the truth of the Sazuke resolve to keep this sincerity of the day of bestowal for a lifetime and become Yoboku for the joyous construction. When Yoboku transmit the truth of heaven by administering the Sazuke, God the Parent accepts the true sincerity with which they pray and saves any sufferer from any illness by the free and unlimited blessings. The truth of the Sazuke, bestowed on the sincere mind pledged to single-hearted salvation, is a treasure for a lifetime and for eternity. With this truth, when Yoboku of God the Parent go far and wide in their mission, miraculous healings will occur one after another the world over.

Chapter Two "Single-Hearted Salvation" of The Doctrine of Tenrikyo
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