When Oyasama, our foundress, was still alive physically, there was a great drought in the entire Kinki region. The rice fields showed cracks, the leaves and stalks of the rice plants had turned brown and were on the verge of dying. The villagers came to Oyasama's Residence and requested to perform the Service for Rain.

Upon the request, Oyasama said:

Whether it rains, is God. Whether it does not rain, is God. It is all God's free working. I shall bestow rain if your minds so deserve. Sah, set about, set about.

Soon after the Service performers performed the Service for Rain, in one accord and with all their souls, a dark spot of a cloud appeared in the eastern sky. The black cloud covered the entire sky gradually, and a piercing downpour accompanied by thunder began, developing into a storm. It is told that it rained so hard that they collected the rain water in their sleeves. The joy of the Service performers who performed the Service for Rain seriously in the storm was beyond description. ( The Life of Oyasama, Foundress of Tenrikyo , p.187-190)

As you can see, through the Service, miraculous blessing of God the Parent who created this world and the human beings will be bestowed on the people who perform the Service, upon the acceptance of their sincerity.

When God has accepted the sincerity in the minds of the ten performers of the Service,

(Ofudesaki VI:18)

If you quickly unite your minds and do the Service correctly, the world will settle.

(Ofudesaki XIV:92)

Let us take a look at the service from our global perspective. As morning sky appears in the east over the American continent, at Mission Headquarters in Los Angeles and at various districts, the morning service is performed. As the earth revolves on its axis, the service will be performed in Hawaii. Eventually, the morning will come to Japan, and the service will be performed throughout the country, from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu and Okinawa in the south. Then, by the followers of Tenrikyo, the service will be performed by turn within various countries, including Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, India, Australia, Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

Praying for the world peace from the bottom of their hearts, wishing to realize the world of Joyous Life, the service is performed. As the earth rotates, this service travels around the world, transmitted from a heart of one member to that of another. To increase the place where the service is performed and to have more people perform the service with their sincerity are our goals as human beings, and what God the Parent desires the most.

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