Our Programs
We offer a wide variety of educational, social, and sports/music programs that are based on and promote the Tenrikyo teaching. Our main programs are as follows:

Joy Workshop

The Joy Workshop is an introductory course to Tenrikyo teachings and way of life. It is a two-hour workshop designed to enable its participants to think about ways to achieve a more joyous life. Details.

Three Day Course

The Tenrikyo Three Day Course is a course intended for anyone to spend three days together to learn about the Tenrikyo teachings and its service and to apply it in their daily lives. Details

Spiritual Developmental Course

This course is an extended one-month course held at the Mission Headquarters. Participants attend lectures and live in a communal environment through which they can learn and reflect upon the Tenrikyo teachings. Details

For information on our Sunday School or children's musical band, please contact Mission Headquarters.
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