Three Day Course

In the teachings of Tenrikyo, the ultimate state of living is called the Joyous Life. The Joyous Life is the reason for our existence.

The Three Day Course is designed to help one develop the ability to live with joy while learning the importance of the Service.


When:           4th Friday, March 2016

     4th Sunday, March 2016

     (The schedule will be confrimed in December, 2014)


Where:          Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters in America

                     2727 E. First Street. Los Angeles, CA 90033

                     (323) 261–3379


Eligibility:    Participants must have attended the Joy Workshop

                     Participants who have not yet completed the Spiritual Development Course


Donation:     $30.00 per person

                     (Includes all courses, room and board)



        Lectures: God the Parent, Oyasama, The Service, Gratitude: A Thing Lent, A Thing Borrowed, and Salvation

        Group Activities: Hinokishin, Service (Seated Service, Yorozuyo), Service Instruments, Discussions


*The above course is offered in English and Spanish.

*The Three Day Course is also held at the Tenrikyo New York Center.

For more information, please contact the Center at (718) 359–2426.



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