Joyous Life
God the Parent created human beings to see the Joyous Life of humankind and, thus, to share in that joy. To bring this intent of God the Parent into realization is the significance of human life and the ultimate goal of humankind.

                            However long you may continue to believe,
                            Your life shall ever be filled with joy.
                                                                                                        Mikagura-uta V : 5

A bright and spirited mind is a joyous mind. By living each day with this joyous mind, we shall find true happiness and shall feel that life is indeed worth living. On the other hand, if our minds are not spirited, but depressed, we shall not be in accord with the mind of God the Parent, no matter how long we continue our faith. The greatest source of happiness for humankind is to live each day joyously in this world, receiving the blessings of God the Parent as they are given. If we open the windows of our minds and receive the radiant light of God the Parent, the dark clouds will clear away of themselves and we shall arise in brightness and joy. The Joyous Life is indeed a life full of happiness.

When we come to share our joys and pleasures with one another, the Joyous Life will come into being. When the minds of all are spirited, all truths will be seen and all flowers will bloom.
Excerpt from Chapter 10 "Joyous Life" of The Doctrine of  Tenrikyo
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