Oyasama, Our Beloved Parent

  On October 26, 1838, upon the arrival of the preordained time in accord with the will of God the Parent, Oyasama (or Beloved Parent) became the living Shrine at the age of 41 and revealed God the Parent's will for the first time in order to save the people of the world. For fifty years since then, She endured all sorts of hardships in conveying the teachings of 'God the Parent to humankind. At times she explained through Her spoken words; at times She recorded Her teachings for the first time with Her brush; and She practiced Her teachings to guide people with Her Divine Model.

  Through these efforts of Oyasama we were able to learn of God the Parent's teachings for the first time. Through the proven path of Her Divine Model we are able to be guided positively to the path of peace and happiness of human life.

Tale of Oyasama cover
The Tale of Oyasama is a manga rendition of the Life of Oyasama, Foundress of Tenrikyo.

Tale of Oyasama volume 1 was published in commemoration of the 130th Anniversary of Oyasama earlier this year in January of 2016. Now the book will be made available in e-book form (Kindle edition) from July 10, 2016. Pre-order has started from the beginning of this month. The price is only $5,00. Please go to the link below.


「教祖物語」第一巻 英語版が、教祖百三十年祭に合わせて出版されました。そしてこの度、7月10日から電子書籍(Kindle版)としても販売されることになりました。事前予約はすでに今月初めからはじまっており、販売価格は$5になります。以下のリンクをご覧下さい。


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