Women’s Association

Foundation for the Joyous Life

The goal of the activities carried out by Tenrikyo Women’s Association of America is for each individual to become a foundation for the Joyous Life by following the Divine Model of Oyasama.

In recent years, our everyday life has become convenient beyond our dreams. The status and role of women have also changed considerably. However, there are many who are stressed due to relationships at home, at work and other circumstances. We are taught that our happiness lies solely on how we use our minds.

The Women’s Association of America seeks to assist in nurturing the use of mind that enables us to find joy and gratitude in our daily lives and help one another with respect. All women who are 15 and over are welcome to our activities.

Our monthly meeting takes place at the Mission Headquarters, at 2:00 PM on the Saturday before the monthly service (third Sunday of each month).

Depending on the month, we may hold a study session, have a discussion or engage in hinokishin. Furthermore, the Tenrikyo Women’s Association of America Convention is held every year in May on the day before the 3rd Sunday Service.
There is also the “Young Women Group” for those who are 15 to 25 years of age.

Women’s Association Event Schedule

  • July 14 2018 – Lecture on the Doctrine by Bishop Fukaya
  • September 15 2018 – Lecture on the Doctrine by Bishop Fukaya
  • October 20 2018 – Michinodai Lecture
  • January TBD – Michinodai Lecture / New Year’s Tea Party
  • March TBD – Young Women’s Group Following the Footsteps of Kokan
  • May 18 2019 – Annual Convention of TWAA

If you are truly of a mind to save others, there is no need for the persuasion of God.

Ofudesaki III:32

If you lead your life in joy each day, truth will prevail.

Osashizu, July 15, 1901

All of you throughout the world are brothers and sisters. There should be no one called an outsider.

Ofudesaki XIII:43
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