Maintaining Our Focus on Oyasama

Today we have just spiritedly and joyously completed the wonderful music and dance of the Songs for the Service as taught to us by God the Parent through Oyasama, our blessed mother, the foundress of Tenrikyo. This is my second time speaking at our Monthly Service and although I always...

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Mission Headquarters Monthly Service Sermon(12/2018) – Rev. Katayama Good morning everyone! We have just completed the December Monthly Service of the Mission Headquarters very joyously with Bishop and Mrs. Fukaya as the core. My name is Kazunobu Katayama and I’m currently serving as the 8th head minister of Tenrikyo Portland...

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Key to the Joyous Life : Tanno, Joyous Perception

“Key to the Joyous Life : Tanno, Joyous Perception” Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters in America Monthly Service Sermon November 18, 2018, By Rev. Marlon Okazaki Head Minister of the Tenrikyo Southern Pacific Church   Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Morning; Buenos dias, Damas y Caballeros; Yorobun Anyun Haseyo. Mina-sama, Ohayo Gozaimasu. In...

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Autumn Grand Service Sermon

Autumn Grand Service Sermon – Oct. 21, 2018 The Mind to Implement the Joyous Life Daily Together with all of you, we have just spiritedly performed our Autumn Grand Service and this brings me much joy. On this fine day, I would like to share with you, some of my thoughts for...

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