In Tenrikyo, we believe: By saving others, you will be saved.

Bestowed by Oyasama, the Sazuke is a one-on-one prayer to help heal anyone of their physical or mental illness. Millions of people throughout the world have been granted tremendous miracles after the administration of the Sazuke. Let us pray for you.

Come to us:

Sazuke sessions are held immediately after Monthly Service at Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters or you can drop by anytime to receive a prayer. 

We’ll go to you:

Sometimes it may be hard for you to come to us, especially if you are not feeling well. We would be happy to go to you.

SEND US AN EMAIL to request a prayer visit by a designated Tenrikyo minister or missionary. You can also post a request on our prayer wall.

Our bodies are things lent by God the Parent and things borrowed by us. An illness in our body is God the Parent's guidance to direct us in a right path. That's why an illness is, in fact, a blessing that can bring about more joy and happiness in our life.