For busy people like you who live “life in the fast lane,” it is perhaps difficult to take the time to reevaluate your life. But perhaps only such calm reflection can truly bring a lasting improvement. How often have you questioned yourself, “What is most important in my life?” “How happy am I?” “Am I satisfied with my personal surroundings?” “How many of my dreams have I realized?” “Have I fulfilled my potential?”

You might say, “Why waste time thinking about it?” “I have my priorities in life and self-reflection is not on the top of my list.” But, wait one minute! Just one month can be the difference between living a fuller, more productive life for the rest of your life or continuing to live busily with constant worries and problems.

The Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters in America wishes all such people like you to be able to change your life for the better, to become more joyous and satisfied with your life. We have a powerful tool to assist you to do so. This tool is the teachings of Oyasama, whom we adore as our Foundress. We are proud to present this tool as a key to living a contented, joyous life for everyone. This tool can be yours and you can set out on your journey with a whole new perspective towards living a more rich and fuller life. We cordially invite you to take a one month break from the hustle and bustle of busy life to give yourself the time and opportunity to reflect upon your life and to realize your full potential as a human being.

This opportunity is called the “Spiritual Development Course” or Shuyokai. It will be held from Sunday, June 16 through Saturday, July 13 2019  at the Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters in America, located in Los Angeles. Living together for a month in a lively communal environment, the students will have ample opportunities to become familiar with the teachings and to actually use them to start living a better life and to awaken themselves to the true purpose of life, as well as hearing from veteran practitioners who are proof that these teachings do work.

This practical course is open to all people who are 17 years of age or over, seeking to live a more satisfying, “Joyous Life.”


DATE: Sunday, June 16 ~ Saturday, July 13, 2019


  • Lectures and Discussion Sessions on The Doctrine of Tenrikyo
    The Life of Oyasama, the Foundress of Tenrikyo
  • Hinokishin Activities (Voluntary action based upon the inner gratitude for God’s Blessings)
  • Practice of the hand movements and musical instruments for the service

FEE: $200.00 for the whole month, including tuition, room and board.
(Books are not included.)

WHAT TO BRING: Happi coat, service fans, textbooks (Ofudesaki, Mikagura-Uta, musical instrument practice books, The Life of Oyasama, The Doctrine of Tenrikyo)(If you do not have these, you may purchase them when enrolling.)

For application forms and further information, please contact:

Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters in America
2727 East First Street
Los Angeles, CA 90033
Telephone: 323-261-3379
Fax: 323-261-8659